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Naperville Indian Community Outreach to host 2nd India Day Parade, Celebration & Concert on August 14th 2016 with Free Entry to All

Sunidhi Chauhan, India’s Sensational Vocalist to Headline the Event

NAPERVILLE, IL, July 13, 2016, Naperville Indian Community Outreach in association with City of Naperville and Indian Consulate General will be hosting the second grand India Day Parade and Celebration on August 14, 2016 (Sunday) to mark the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

Several thousand people from Chicago and the suburbs are expected to attend the event which is being held in downtown Naperville. With Bollywood celebrity Sunidhi Chauhan as the Grand Marshall, the India Day Parade will serve as a showcase of India’s rich and diverse culture with estimated 100 parade entries. Colorfully decorated floats organized by Indian cultural associations, local businesses and political organizations along with multiple colorful dance performers will be the highlight. Spectators will be treated to a rich variety of Indian cuisine, ethnic arts, apparel, and jewelry. This event has the distinction of being the 2nd India Day Parade backed by any city in America.

The Parade will be followed by a concert headlined by top Bollywood singer from India, Sunidhi Chauhan and her troupe. This concert is historical as this will be the first India Day in America with a concert of this kind with the free entry for everyone.

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Pic from India Day Parade 2015

The ICO is a non-partisan and a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and contributions of Indian Americans while promoting their integration in the growth of Naperville. Its chairman, Krishna Bansal, has been appointed by, and reports to the Mayor of Naperville. Bansal said that his team and him are excited to have the ICO organize this pioneering event. “Indian Americans are now a significant part of Naperville’s population, both in numbers and impact,” he said.

2015 India Day ParadeThe community which saw a dramatic growth since the nineties, now comprises of over 10 percent of the suburb’s total population. Moreover, with the recent influx of information technology workers and other professionals from India, over 70 percent are first generation immigrants.


Viral Shah, board member and treasurer of ICO described that several South Asian community leaders, restaurants, businesses and cultural organizations have come forward to support the event. While Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico and Consul General of India in Chicago, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, will be chief guests, Sunidhi Chauhan, Indian’s sensational singer will be the Parade Marshal. Among the other dignitaries invited and are attending include the Governor, Senator, Congressman State and Local elected representatives and prominent leaders of the Naperville community.


Chirag Jani, board member of ICO and lead of event logistics explained that parade will begin at Naperville Central High School in Naperville at 5:00 PM and end at Knoch Park, 724 S West St, Naperville, IL 60540 where the celebration/concert will kick off. While providing outline of the event, he emphasized this to be an excellent opportunity for local businesses and groups to partner, participate and gain visibility. The parade may be seen as a symbol of the rapid growth of the Indian American community in the Chicago suburbs.

From 1990 to 2010, Indian-Americans became the largest Asian ethnic group in Illinois, according to data from the last census. Demographers and Indian community leaders say they expect that the figures will increase even more as highly educated Indians continue to fill jobs in the computer industry and change the face of the suburbs. Ashfaq Syed, Member of the Organizing Committee said Naperville, ranked as one of the most desirable American cities for a family, is home to more than 15,000 Indian-Americans, making it the suburb with the largest & growing population of the community in the area outside Chicago. Indian-Americans have been contributing greatly in the fields of business, medicine, information technology and as the leaders of large corporations. Additional information about the parade and celebration including applications to participate in the parade and celebrations as well as sponsorships is available on our web site www.napervilleindian.com. We encourage everyone to visit and review our website. Krishna Bansal Chairman, Naperville Indian Community Outreach www.napervilleindian.com +1 630-300-0345

NAPERVILLE INDIAN COMMUNITY OUTREACH 750 Shoreline Dr. STE 100, Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 300-0345 www.napervilleindian.com | www.facebook.com/IndianCommunityOutreach



Recent Shift in the Role of a Mother

Monika Prasad is a PR & Corporate Communications consultant living in Dubai since last 8 years, is a wife and a mother of two kids – 5 -year and a 3- year- old.

Monika Prasad is a PR & Corporate Communications consultant living in Dubai since last 8 years, is a wife and a mother of two kids – 5 -year and a 3- year- old.

Most days I feel elated about being a working mother. But there are days when the  guilt of not having spent enough time with my kids makes me miserable. All of us – mothers (working and non-working), let’s face it- we are not spending much time on our kids’ development. Of course, there are reasons and valid ones too. We get a salary that keeps us financially independent but is that more satisfying than keeping our kids happy and close to our lives? It is a tough question to answer.

The role of a mother has changed over the years. Gone are the days when mothers were plump and looked like she had just given birth to her kids. Today, it is difficult to make out who is a mother and who is not. That is because looking good and being fit is the norm. Exercising, fitness and looking good is considered a part of being a good mother.

So then, do we need to redefine the roles of a woman, as a mother and as a wife? And if so, who would define it for us?

I have noticed every woman around me –working or stay at home (including me) complain about the lack of time in their lives. Have we ever tried to figure out why there’s such a shortage of time? Have we carefully put any thought as to where our time is being spent? Is it because we are spending way too much time on social media? Maybe yes.

Digital Media and Social Media is often mixed up these days. There is a difference between reading a book/report/journal, the sources of which are from known authors, industrialists, business magnates and reading opinion pieces from people who might not be the best informed persons about the topic he or she is writing about. Are we reading the right kind of information or are we just seeing the repeat feed of information from Facebook to WhatsApp to Twitter? It could be possible that we are only spending time reading everyone else’s opinions and experiences. Maybe it is time to feed our brains with the right nourishment of facts & knowledge, which can be found in books, newspapers & magazines.

I was happy to learn that Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan marked 2016 as the ‘Year of Reading’ in the UAE. Reading, opens minds and books open windows to new worlds. As parents we need to take responsibility to instill this valuable habit in our kids. Why does a country need to take this up as a campaign? Such a campaign is launched, when we give more importance to social media and smartphones over books. If we spend bounteous amount of time reading on our own and with our kids, each one of us would be contributing to a much brighter future of the world.

Watsapp and Facebook may have connected many old, lost friends but it could have also possibly distanced the people staying together in the same room. Often I come across people, families, friends at get-togethers, restaurants and many other public areas glued to their smartphones. During my college, my teachers taught me the basics of body language – and one of the primary rules which were considered is to look at the other person whom you are talking to. I am confident that this has deviated to a great extent these days because often we are too hooked to our mobiles when the other person/our own child is talking to us. At times, I secretly wish, I could go back to phone free days when I could give my full attention to the ones near me without looking at the phone.

WatsApp killed sms. It is slowly killing email too. Checking WatsApp messages is a part of the daily-unwritten KRA’s (key responsibility areas) of a person, a wife, an employee and even a mother. There is a Watsapp group of the mothers of my daughter’s class friends and the school has chosen one mother as a class mom. The role of the class mom is to put important notices and announcements in the group. Why is a class Mom required these days? In fact, why is there a need for a WatsApp group? If all of us checked the school communicator regularly, would we really miss anything?

It is definite, that the role of a woman has changed over the last few years. From being stay at home mothers, they are now equal contributors to household incomes and some are even the key bread earners for their families. But by doing that, are the women compromising a great deal on their kids by leaving them with the nannies and maids? There are some women who balance their personal and professional lives really very well but in my opinion it is a skill which not every woman possesses. Then why is the norm of taking care of the family, concentrating on the child’s development, spending time doing the household work – shifting? Of course I am a modern workingwoman who believes in women empowerment. I am just penning my thoughts down so that whoever reads this piece can hopefully get some food for thought and maybe make some changes in their daily life so as to better provide quality time to their families, children and kids.


Disclaimer: This article has not been written to demoralize working women, in fact it has been written to ignite the energy we as mothers are believed to bring to our kids

Written by: Monika Prasad is a PR & Corporate Communications consultant living in Dubai since last 8 years, is a wife and a mother of two kids – 5 year and a 3 year old.


Robotics Classes in Naperville

Kidz Learn: Engineering and Robotics (STEM)

Come and learn the basics of engineering and programming. The whole program uses STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as the building blocks. Children will be learning to build, design and program robots.

Apart from robotics children will also learn the basics of coding through a story board technique.

  1. Programming for kids: Building robots using legos and programming them to do tasks.
  2. Engineering for Kids: Kids will build working models such as seesaw, rolling vehicle, windmill, crane and many more models using legos. By doing this in a fun way they will learn and discover basic physical science concepts such as pulleys, gears, levers, wheels and axles exploring energy, buoyancy and balance.
  3. Coding: Learn coding through storyboard technique. Software developed by MIT professionals.



All the skills learnt will be useful in preparing the kids for competitions. And we also mentor the kids and form teams in order to participate in different competitions.

Summer Workshops:

2 hour Workshops from June 13th to 17th for Ages 5 to 13 years (Kids will be made into groups based on age and their understanding)

Nobody can beat our price $100/kid for the entire week.




12PM to 2PM: Asha’s Dance Studio (4222 Meridian Parkway, Suite #104, Aurora, IL 60504)

3PM to 5PM: 2515 Whitehall Ln, Naperville, IL-60564


Weekday And Weekend Classes Start from May 1st.

Locations: 2515 Whitehall Ln., Naperville, 60564

2604 Flagstone Circle, Naperville, 60564

Meher Montessori Academy (1272 Bond St, Suite 108. Naperville, IL 60563)

All courses run once a week and will be $60/month. These are all group classes and will run 45 minutes.

Please enquire Prasuna Reddy 331-229-7477 @ [email protected] or Suchitra Sharma @ 630-815-2162 [email protected] (for more details).