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Why Parents kill their children?



Filicide, a parent killing his own child is gruesome, disturbing, unreadable but a fact. In US about 500 innocent children are murdered by their parents. The numbers of  filicide that occur in India are not available but going by few recordings available the numbers could range in 1000s and more.


Stories abound in this realm.


A mother in Naperville, set fire to herself and her two children in her home in 2007. She was seen shopping for toys for her children in the morning and in the afternoon had taken her life along with her two children.


In 2011 a mother in Mumbai first had breakfast with her two children, then went up to the terrace of a 19-storey building and one by one threw her children from the terrace. She also threw herself from the building.


In 2013, a mother in Milwaukee wanted to save her children from the pains of divorce. She put her four children in her SUV and left it on in the closed garage. The children died of carbon overdose.


In UK a mother battered her 11-month old son to death and then took selfie with the dead child!


John Battaglia, a father from Texas shot his two daughters aged six  and nine years old. After killing them he went to a tattoo parlour to get tattoos of his daughters inked!


John List an accountant from New Jersey was having financial troubles. He was broke, his was foreclosed. He murdered his three children, his wife and his mother. Later though he moved to Colorado and remarried!


The “candyman” Ronald Clark O’ Brien gave his kids poisoned candies on Halloween Day in 1974. His kids died of fatal doses of cyanide. Before poisoning his son, this deadly dad had recently increased life insurance coverage on his son.


Stories of filicide are many, some make national news, some receive international attention, while many others especially in developing economies go unrecorded.


Over years, the data suggest that killing by fathers outnumbers the cases of maternal filicide.


Some reasons touted to this heinous crime are


Custody Battle

Untreated Mental Illness

Financial Troubles

Troubled Marriage

Illegitimate Child.


As a society when we see a behavior that looks odd, when we see a person that may be a danger to someone or herself, we should act, react and proact.



Smart Phone(Huawei Honor 8) Sets Record For Highest Altitude Livestream

A smartphone attached to a balloon took to the skies on Monday in an attempt to set a record for the highest livestream from such a device.

The Huawei Honor 8 phone was attached to a weather balloon also carrying a camera and other equipment, and set off from the SSC Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden. The balloon was expected to burst at an altitude of 30,000 meters (98,425 ft) with the device then making its way back down by parachute.

Peter Lundkvist of Huawei Technologies Sweden said the balloon reached 18,421 meters before bursting.

“Hopefully, Guinness (World Records) will accept this as a world record in highest smartphone livestreaming,” he said.

(Reporting By Reuters Television; additional reporting by Marie-Louise Gumuchian)



Naperville Indian Community Outreach to host 2nd India Day Parade, Celebration & Concert on August 14th 2016 with Free Entry to All

Sunidhi Chauhan, India’s Sensational Vocalist to Headline the Event

NAPERVILLE, IL, July 13, 2016, Naperville Indian Community Outreach in association with City of Naperville and Indian Consulate General will be hosting the second grand India Day Parade and Celebration on August 14, 2016 (Sunday) to mark the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

Several thousand people from Chicago and the suburbs are expected to attend the event which is being held in downtown Naperville. With Bollywood celebrity Sunidhi Chauhan as the Grand Marshall, the India Day Parade will serve as a showcase of India’s rich and diverse culture with estimated 100 parade entries. Colorfully decorated floats organized by Indian cultural associations, local businesses and political organizations along with multiple colorful dance performers will be the highlight. Spectators will be treated to a rich variety of Indian cuisine, ethnic arts, apparel, and jewelry. This event has the distinction of being the 2nd India Day Parade backed by any city in America.

The Parade will be followed by a concert headlined by top Bollywood singer from India, Sunidhi Chauhan and her troupe. This concert is historical as this will be the first India Day in America with a concert of this kind with the free entry for everyone.

india day

Pic from India Day Parade 2015

The ICO is a non-partisan and a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and contributions of Indian Americans while promoting their integration in the growth of Naperville. Its chairman, Krishna Bansal, has been appointed by, and reports to the Mayor of Naperville. Bansal said that his team and him are excited to have the ICO organize this pioneering event. “Indian Americans are now a significant part of Naperville’s population, both in numbers and impact,” he said.

2015 India Day ParadeThe community which saw a dramatic growth since the nineties, now comprises of over 10 percent of the suburb’s total population. Moreover, with the recent influx of information technology workers and other professionals from India, over 70 percent are first generation immigrants.


Viral Shah, board member and treasurer of ICO described that several South Asian community leaders, restaurants, businesses and cultural organizations have come forward to support the event. While Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico and Consul General of India in Chicago, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, will be chief guests, Sunidhi Chauhan, Indian’s sensational singer will be the Parade Marshal. Among the other dignitaries invited and are attending include the Governor, Senator, Congressman State and Local elected representatives and prominent leaders of the Naperville community.


Chirag Jani, board member of ICO and lead of event logistics explained that parade will begin at Naperville Central High School in Naperville at 5:00 PM and end at Knoch Park, 724 S West St, Naperville, IL 60540 where the celebration/concert will kick off. While providing outline of the event, he emphasized this to be an excellent opportunity for local businesses and groups to partner, participate and gain visibility. The parade may be seen as a symbol of the rapid growth of the Indian American community in the Chicago suburbs.

From 1990 to 2010, Indian-Americans became the largest Asian ethnic group in Illinois, according to data from the last census. Demographers and Indian community leaders say they expect that the figures will increase even more as highly educated Indians continue to fill jobs in the computer industry and change the face of the suburbs. Ashfaq Syed, Member of the Organizing Committee said Naperville, ranked as one of the most desirable American cities for a family, is home to more than 15,000 Indian-Americans, making it the suburb with the largest & growing population of the community in the area outside Chicago. Indian-Americans have been contributing greatly in the fields of business, medicine, information technology and as the leaders of large corporations. Additional information about the parade and celebration including applications to participate in the parade and celebrations as well as sponsorships is available on our web site www.napervilleindian.com. We encourage everyone to visit and review our website. Krishna Bansal Chairman, Naperville Indian Community Outreach www.napervilleindian.com +1 630-300-0345

NAPERVILLE INDIAN COMMUNITY OUTREACH 750 Shoreline Dr. STE 100, Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 300-0345 www.napervilleindian.com | www.facebook.com/IndianCommunityOutreach