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YA-MA Learning offering robotics classes in Naperville


YA-MA Learning Center

LEGO Robotics and Engineering (STEM)

Come and learn the basics of engineering and programming. The program uses STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as the building blocks. Children learn to build, design and program robots in a fun and challenging way.

Kids will


  1. Build robots using Lego Bricks.
  2. Learn to program their models –programming concepts very similar to scratch software.
  3. Work with buddies learning the hows to work in teams.
  4. Explore important STEM concepts



  1. Programming for kids: Building robots using Legos and programming them to do tasks.
  2. Engineering for Kids: Kids will build working models such as seesaw, rolling vehicle, windmill, crane and many more models using Legos. By doing this in a fun way they will learn and discover basic physical science concepts such as pulleys, gears, levers, wheels and axles exploring energy, buoyancy and balance.
  3. Coding: Learn coding through storyboard technique. Software developed by MIT professionals.

Who can learn?

We offer classes for ages 4-13 years. We have 3 different age groups.

Group 1:          4 – 5 years old

Group 2:          6 – 8 years old
Group 3:          9 – 13 years old


Competitions: All the skills learnt will be useful in preparing the kids for competitions. And we also mentor the kids and form teams in order to participate in different competitions.

Classes on Saturdays from 2PM to 5PM; @LOCATION: Meher Montessori Academy, 1272 Bond Street, Suite 108, Naperville – 60563.


Classes on Sundays- 10AM- 11AM, 11AM-12 Noon; Classes on Mondays- 5:30 PM-6: 30 PM, 6:30-7:30 PM @ Location 2515 Whitehall Lane, Naperville

All courses run once a week (4 classes/month) and will be $60/month.

Contact Prasuna Reddy 331-229-7477 Suchitra Sharma @ 630-815-2162  or email: [email protected]








S Ramadorai might be replacing Cyrus Mistry

o1918Former Tata Consultancy ServicesBSE -1.96 % vice-chairman S Ramadorai has resigned as the Chairman of National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) in the rank of a Cabinet Minister and also the as the chief of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

According to sources Ramadorai had put his papers citing health issues late September to the Prime Minister’s office, which was subsequently accepted. This comes at a time when rumor mill is heating up on Ramadorai potentially replacing Cyrus Mistry as Tata Sons Chairman.

Sources add Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship, Secretary, Rohit Nandan will discharge the duties of interim Chairman of NSDA at the moment. News agency PTI adds that the NSDC board is likely to meet tomorrow to discuss the future road map post the resignation.


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