How you sleep says a lot about you

Which Sleeping Position is the Best for You?

You spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping- are you sleeping the right way that facilitates the best sleep possible? Are you waking up stiff with neck and shoulder pain every morning? What is the best position for sleep that will place the least stress on your neck and lower back area? Well a lot has to do with the position that you sleep in. Studies have been done that show that your

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  • BASIC Spine

    Definitely great content about Sleeping Position, it’s helpful advices.

    • RS

      So many times we think that the neck pain /stiff neck is because of exercise or ….but i have realized that sleeping position is the top most reason for a stiff neck…

  • Shilpapjain

    Nice article &full of knowledge but needs some modifications. Can I send some articles. Iam a doctor by profession and have an experience as an online medical writer.nu00a0

    • TI

      Sure. Click on contact us at the bottom left side of the page, send