The hottest hangout place in Naperville – Lexus of Naperville

Yes it is and that’s not a typo error . The fine  print – you have to buy a car from them . The lounge area of Lexus is designed like a very high end coffee place with a flat screen tv and very comfy chairs – the whole decor style is modern and chic.
Lexus offers it’s customers free car wash and with the wash comes free coffee and snacks in it’s state of the art lounge . While the car is getting washed and vacuumed the customers can enjoy coffee and snacks. I have to mention here that it is Starbucks coffee and you have a choice of fourteen different flavors. If you are not a big fan of coffee then you could choose from eight flavors of  tea or grab a can of soda. Choice in the snacks are also quite a few – from chips to crackers and pretzels .
On any given week day some 250 cars come in for car wash . It is a question whether the customers came in for the car wash or for  free coffee ! For the one hour that I was in the dealership I saw the Lexus representative refilling the soda and snack supplies three times.Sometimes people  bring their friends in and chat in the lounge while their car is getting washed. Yes sometimes the service does get abused with people bagging the snacks in their purses(!) but hey nobody is complaining – the manager – Bill Kuniej said we like the customers to feel they bought the best car in the market ! Saturdays are the busiest day at the facility with five hundred cars coming in for car wash.
The lounge area is crowded before noon so if you are looking for some quiet time while doing some internet surfing( free wi-fi as well ) you might want to choose the late afternoon.
The free car wash is available at this dealership  all the six days a week and there is no limit to how many times you wanted the car washed !
If you are a big fan of Starbucks coffee and wanted a lifetime supply of free coffee – you know what to do :)

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